What is included:


- Prepare and rehearse persuasive answers for the Interview

- Answer STAR, Behavioral and PAR Questions

- Overhaul your CV and Cover Letter

- Craft your LinkedIn Profile to stand out

- Create a solid job search strategy for increased results 

- Fully understand the principles of influence in interviews 

- Master your Body Language and Presentation Skills

for both Online and Face to Face Interviews 


Over the last 4 years, I have helped hundreds of clients land careers at some of the world’s largest companies and organisations such as Google, Amazon, the European Council, EY and many more.
The secret to my success is the approach, I treat interviews just like selling a product or service. It is essential in understanding the employer’s pain points, need for the position to be filled and how your skills and talents match those required for the role.


To begin, we will cover your “personal brand and public image”, this starts with social networks such as LinkedIn. Are you presenting yourself as not only an attractive candidate but the right person for the position? Almost all employers and recruitment professionals check these before forwarding you to the next stage. So, it is paramount we vet these before they do, making sure what is online fully represents you in the light you wish to be seen.
Secondly, tackle your Resume/CV. I painfully see on a daily basis generically written CVs sent out on mass to multiple positions. Consequently, the conversion rate of sending out these applications is incredibly low. The employer doesn’t care nearly as much at what you’ve done but more about what you can do for them. Align your resume to reflect the requirements for the role. I am not telling you that you must write a new CV for each position, but consciously scan it looking for areas to make tweaks and guarantee it shouts out that you’re perfect for the role. Do this and you will see a massive increase in replies and interview invitations.
Now, that you have the invitation date set. It's time to prepare your answers. Like I mentioned earlier, this is a sales pitch – the client/employer is interested in your service and would like to discover if they were correct in their curiosity. I always tell my clients, “you don’t need to prove that you’re the right candidate, the employer has already done that. You need to prove to them that they have already made the right choice”
Looking at all the variable questions they may ask and prepare solid answers in response is crucial. For me, there are two key factors you need to consider.
1.     Be direct and get to the point – this not only helps you stay on topic but allows the interviewer to fully understand your answer
2.     Support your answer with evidence. Prove it, tell them in a story when you demonstrated this skill.
In sales, the saying goes: Data Tell, Stories Sell. You need to convince them what you’re saying is honest and true.
Together, you and I will rehearse these answers again and again so that they are engraved in your mind, that way when the time comes you are prepared, decisive and confident when replying.


For many of my clients, my 5-hour package is perfect at getting you started but for more technical and competitive positions at companies such as Amazon and Google 10 hours is recommended.


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