• Charlie Webb

Top 10 interview tips that will guarantee you success.

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Top 10 interview tips that will guarantee you success.

Do you have an interview lined up in the next couple of weeks or just simply want to be prepared for new upcoming opportunities? Check out these 'must have' interview tips that will significantly help you to improve your performance and boost your confidence at the same time.

1. Be direct.

Why beat around the bush and be cryptic with your answers? Be direct and get straight to the point. Make it easier for your interviewer to fully understand your response by framing the question as an answer. Remember they will most likely be writing your answers down to discuss how you answered the interview questions with their colleagues. By giving them a clear and direct answer, you will guarantee that what you say is what they will repeat back later on.

2. Support your answer with evidence.

Do not just state it, prove it. Demonstrate to your interviewer that you are not just telling them what you think they would like to hear, but that you actually have the relevant experience and the necessary skills to back up your statement.

3. Be organized and dress to impress.

Start planning ahead of time and pick out today what would you like to wear for the interview. Have everything ready beforehand and avoid the hassle of running around trying to iron your shirt, finding the right shoes or accessories when you only have 5 minutes before leaving. Keep your cortisol levels under control.

4. Take copies of your resume.

Print a few copies and take them with you. That way, you can make sure everyone has a copy especially if you refer to it when answering the questions. This also shows that you are highly diligent, thinking forward and pro-active, a perfect asset for the company.

5. Powerpose.

There is plenty of scientific research that shows that power-posing has been proven to increase your confidence and decrease stress hormones. So, before heading to the interview, go to the bathroom and take a moment. Stand up straight, chin up, raise your hands up above your head and take as much space as possible, celebrate your victory. When you walk in, you will have a great posture and appear more confident.

6. S.T.A.R.

When answering any competency-based question follow the S.T.A.R model. Situation, Task, Action and Results. Paint the picture, explain the goal, then describe how you did it and what was the final outcome. Picture yourself as the hero of the story, practice storytelling.

7. Plan your answers.

Start thinking now, how you would answer the most simplest as well as the more complex questions, evaluate your mental blockages, analyze critically your answers and start thinking where do you need to add more relevant information.

8. Do your research.

Check out the company’s history, understand their vision and read any recent articles, news and relevant social media updates. Demonstrate your knowledge in an answer. Also, do not worry about checking out their LinkedIn profiles before the interview, they will be checking out yours. By them seeing that you have seen theirs they will consider you as a determined individual making that extra effort.

9. Find the perfect space.

Nowadays, many interviews are being held using platforms such as Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts. Find a quiet and neutral spot in your house with as little going on behind you as possible. Position natural light in front of you and remember to tell your housemates to stay away and keep the noise down.

10. Get Support - Practice makes perfect.

The more you do something, the better you will become. Find ways of practicing again and again and again. Pay close attention to your facial expressions and voice tone. Write down your answers and remember the key points to each answer.

Hire an experienced interview coach that can help you structure and effectively support your answers. If you found this article interesting and useful, share it around...